Vox Vox first went on air on 25 January 1993. Vox is a general-interest channel with a target group of mainly female viewers aged 14 to 59 years.
Vox has a clear programme focus on US fiction and in-house productions with its own signature, and concentrates on topics such as cooking, lifestyle and animals. Although Vox dispenses with prestige programmes such as German fiction, sports and comprehensive news, it has developed into a channel which the public associates with the major broadcasters of the first generation. Despite fragmentation, Vox has been able to expand its market share. In 2012, Vox attained an average audience share of 7.7 per cent among viewers aged 14 to 49 (2011: 7.3 per cent, all day, 14 to 49).

Vox broadcasts films and US series such as CSI:NY, Rizzoli & Isles or Grimm alongside its magazines and documentaries. The channel’s image is very much coloured by its own formats, such as Prominent!, Das perfekte Dinner, Verklag mich doch! and Shopping Queen. Vox is the only German TV channel to broadcast major documentaries on Saturday evenings. Vox works with various production companies to optimally cover programme needs while securing rights and production know-how.

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